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Destroy Destroy Destroy "Battle Sluts"

Destroy Destroy Destroy was forged in the icy month of January 2003. Their first full length, Devour the Power, released in September 2006 from Black Market, received high reviews including an 8 out of 10 from Decibel Magazine. The new album, Battle Sluts, starts 2009 with thundering fury seeing their style re-forged into a more destructive and valiant epic form than that of their prior release. Lock your doors and hide your whores! Battle Sluts will surely provide the metal soundtrack for all of your axe-wielding adventures.

Track Listing:Β 
01. The Second Coming
02. Battle Upon the Arctic Plains
03. Beyond the Scorpion Gate
04. Realm of Ancient Shadows
05. Born Of Thunder
06. To Die Without Honor (Interlude)
07. The Winged Panther
08. The Wretched Forest
09. The Berserker's Field of Whores
10. Agents of Hypocrisy
11. The Return of the Geishmal Undead
12. Battle Slut Drinking Song