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Black Market Activities


Ed Gein "Judas Goats & Dieseleaters"

Noisy, un-economical, polluting and mass consuming, mankind and tractor-trailers seem to share more than a few things in common. And as simply as the wheels of commerce keep turning, many of those in positions of power are always hungry to keep progressing; spreading; growing. In many ways it would also seem that in many respects, humanity and cancer share a lot in common.

"The general population of the United States doesn't care about much outside of their car and fast food," says Aaron Jenkins, Ed Gein's bassist/primary lyricist and one of the trios' three vocalists. The band has been pounding the pavement hard since their formation in 2001, touring furiously and earning themselves a cult-like following across the US and Canada.

Playing a hybrid style of thrash, metal, sludge, grind and punk, Ed Gein use their self-described "angry-noise punk" style as a means to deliver their politically and socially charged message. "It's all a matter of being aware and thinking for yourself," says Jenkins. "A "Judas-goat" is an older animal at a slaughter-house trained to lead the other animals to slaughter. In exchange, the animal is taken care of almost like a family pet until they are no longer of use. A large portion of the world's population falls into one of the unfortunate categories of either being a betrayer or one of the millions of mindless, resource-eating followers."

Track Listing: 
01. Bastard
02. Small Towns, Small Minds
03. Killing a Co-Worker
04. Amen