At The Heart Of The World "Sorrow Uncoils (Sonic Oblivion Vol. 2)" - Deathwish Inc

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At The Heart Of The World "Sorrow Uncoils (Sonic Oblivion Vol. 2)"


Life is suffering. Pain is eternal. Death mocks us all.

These negative thoughts have a beat. These dark emotions have a melody. This is the driving force behind At The Heart Of The World’s latest offering of rhythmic desolation, SORROW UNCOILS. With these six new tracks, the duo take a turn from the riff-heavy industrial of their previous releases into a labyrinthine soundscape of dark EBM. Churning layers of synth aggression, enthralling percussive assaults, and tortured screams of isolation coalesce to deliver an urgent and persistent message - Darkness will consume us all, but we can still dance toward our demise.

These songs are burial hymns for existence. These screams are humanity’s death rattle. This is the pain at the heart of the world.

Track Listing:
01. Sorrow Uncoils
02. Burning Through Joyless Days
03. Pain Demands Attention
04. Mocked by Death (MKII)
05. Multiply the Stillness
06. Reflect/Reveal