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Siege "Drop Dead (30th Anniversary Edition)"

Siege was an American hardcore punk band from Weymouth, Massachusetts. They were active in the 1980s Boston hardcore scene from 1983 to 1985, and reunited briefly in the early 1990s. SiegeÍs unprecedented level of extreme hardcore punk was some of the fastest and heaviest of its time, incorporating lightning fast tempos, chord changes, vocal delivery, and blast beats into its style, thus setting the stage for the emerging grindcore scene. And though rather short-lived and little-known during their existence, subsequent musicians have cited the group as a profound influence, including the famous British grindcore band Napalm Death and the American hardcore band Dropdead, whose name was derived from the title of SiegeÍs demo of the same name.

Track Listing:
01. Drop Dead
02. Conform
03. Life Of Hate
04. Starvation
05. Armageddon
06. Grim Reaper
07. Sad But True
08. Walls
09. Cold War
10. Two Faced
11. Trained To Kill
12. Questions Behind The Wall
13. F-Minus