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Arab On Radar "Stolen Singles"


Arab On Radar, the most disturbed and disturbing band to ever come out of Providence, Rhode Island has now released a long awaited singles collection. Spanning from 1995 to 2002, this CD is a collection of their out of print 7” EP’s, three songs from their first demo, rare compilation tracks, and never before released material. Band members moved on to participate in such acts as Doomsday Student, Chinese Stars, Made In Mexico and Athletic Automaton.

Track Listing:
01. Inventor
02. Aisle 5
03. Kangaroo
04. Pig Roast
05. 7.2
06. Samurai Fight Song
07. Swimming With a Hard On
08. Piggin’ In the Pumpkin Patch
09. 3 Meals Away From a Crack Whore
10. Running For Asthma
11. Miss American Hair Pie
12. O’Henry