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Victims "A Dissident"

Released by a partnership of the Deathwish, Tankcrimes, and La Familia Record labels.

"A Dissident" from Victims was recorded by Linus Wiklund with assistance from Nicko from Entombed. For nearly a half hour "A Dissident" rages full bore from one punk/hardcore anthem to the next. Songs like "In Control", "We Are Not The Future", and "Nowhere In Time" carry the kind of heavy hooks that most bands can only dream of creating in their tenure. While "Broken Bones" and "Victims In Blood Pt. 6" are examples of the classic hardcore/metal crossover power that they are known for.

Track Listing:
01. Theft
02. Death Do Us Part
03. In Control
04. Victims In Blood Part 6
05. Burning Bridges
06. Bringing Me Down
07. We Are Not The Future
08. Lifetaker
09. Broken Bones
10. Nowhere In Time
11. Ignorance Is Bliss
12. The Egoist
13. Waiting For Shadows