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Zs "Hard"


Zs’ play loud and/or soft angular repetitive music with saxophone, guitar and drums. Since the bands inception, they have existed between the world of DIY punk and academic experimental music. Zs’ broad acceptance can be attributed to their singular approach to instruments, sound, and musical style. The band has shared stages across the country with Animal Collective, The Locust, Yellow Swans, Get Hustle, Peter Brotzmann, Gang Gang Dance, Orthrelm, The Flying Luttenbachers, Joe Maneri, Christian Wolff, and many many more. Zs’ have also previously released music on Troubleman Unlimited, Tzadik, Planaria, and Gilgongo. Zs’ members are all involved in other bands and collaborations, including the Dirty Projectors, Vaz, Cutter, Little Women, Archaeopteryx, Hunter-Gatherer, and Yarn/Wire. The Hard EP was recorded in Green berg’s basement. It is a raw, monolithic musical polemic. The EP is pressed on limited silver etched vinyl.

Track Listing:
01. Hard