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The Chinese Stars "A Rare Sensation"


From the ashes of Arab On Radar and Six FInger Satellite rose The Chinese Stars. The Stars include Craig Kureck (drums) and Eric Paul (vocals) formerly of Arab On Radar, already legendary for disbanding at the height of their popularity, and after achieving renown status as one of the most innovative bands of the last decade. The Chinese Stars also include Rick Pelletier (Bass) formerly of Six Finger Satellite, a band considered far and wide as the “Founding Fathers of Chaos” and the mysterious Paul Vieira (guitar). Paul, Kureck, and Vieira They have one release prior to this, a 5 song CD entitled Turbo Mattress on Skin Graft Records. Album work by Neil Burke of (Men’s Recovery Project).

Track Listing:
01. Cheap City Halo
02. Electrodes In Captivity
03. Girls Of Las Vegas
04. (Love) And The Exlectric Chair
05. Dressed To Get Blessed
06. Hospital Fly
07. Panic In The Population
08. Passing Out Nails
09. Getting The Death Card