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Silent "Modern Hate"


Silent was founded in Mexicali, Baja California in 2015 by Jung Sing and Alex Lara. The band released their first LP, “A Century of Abuse”, on Three One G Records the following year. Since, they have only released a cover of The Cure’s “Prayers for Rain”, making this long-awaited upcoming sophomore LP their first full-length in five years. Silent has toured both the USA and Mexico, alongside bands like Dead Cross, Retox, Algiers, He Whose Ox is Gored, Author & Punisher, and The Locust. Silent’s music takes on various aural approaches, flowing between hypnotic, gothic and darkwave influence, as well as more fast-paced punk and post-punk, at times even crossing into the realm of catchy, surf-like riffs. Though Rocio chevez’s drumming, Rodo Ibarra’s (Maniqui Lazer) bass, and Alex Lara’s guitar lines vary depending on the track, Jung Sing’s (Maniqui Lazer, All Leather) vocals are a common thread throughout, consistently emitting honeyed grief: soothing but woeful, desperate and yet in no rush, perhaps calling to mind something in the spirit of a Mexicali-reincarnated Nick Cave.

For this record, an ever-evolving work in progress on and off over the last five years, the focus culminates in what is happening around the world right now. “MODERN HATE” represents “all the racist, supremacist bullshit” that has come to the surface again as a new form of rage and hate, not only in America, but across the world, whilst also considering all of the mass shootings and killings that have happened across the US over the years. The albums title was inspired by some of these heavy influences and the theme continues lyrically with a focus on the disturbing flaws of people and religion, love and dreams. 2021 is now the definitive time for “MODERN HATE” to see the light of day via Three One G Records.

Track Listing:
01. End
02. A New Slave
03. It Follows
04. Hands On The Wall
05. Death Is Not An Option
06. Erased
07. Trust No God
08. The Witness
09. Empty Spaces
10. No Heaven