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The Hope Conspiracy "Death Knows Your Name"

The Hope Conspiracy are a legendary hardcore band from Boston, MA. Recorded by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at God City Studios,  "Death Knows Your Name" is a stark and mesmerizing chapter in their legacy. From the haunting first notes of "They Know Not", to the earth shaking "Stolen Days", the unforgiving heaviness and rage of the album is undeniable. Serving as an amalgamation of their classic piss and vinegar approach and a new found maturity.

Track Listing:
01. They Know Not
02. Deadtown Nothing
03. A Darkness In The Light
04. Animal Farm
05. Curse Of The Oil Snakes
06. Hang Your Cross
07. Suicide Design
08. Leech Bloody Leech
09. So Many Pigs So Few Bullets
10. Sadistic Sacred Whore
11. Stolen Days

Test Press:

First Press: (on Malfunction)
300 - Solid Gold
700 - Gold / Clear split w/ Gold splatter

Second Press: (on Malfunction)
500 - Black / Gold mix

Third Press:
1025 - White / Gold mix

Fourth Press:
1300 - Black