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Trembler "Folding"


Released at the end of 2022, “Folding” is the sophomore LP from Houston alternative-rock band, Trembler. With the help of producer, Corey Coffman (Gleemer) the band was able to reinvent their sound on “Folding”. While the band focused on indie/emo music on their debut, “Folding” finds Trembler vastly expanding their soundscape—leaning both heavy and soft in the realm of alternative rock. 

There’s an introduction of many atmospheric layers and noisy guitars that pair perfectly with solemnly catchy vocal melodies and introspective lyrics from vocalist Luke Gonzales. Trembler is creating a unique sound in this genre in 2023—with songs that get stuck in your head and pass quickly, due to the bands’ attentive sequencing and sharp songwriting.

Track Listing:
01. Permission
02. Lizards
03. Hiding
04. Fluorescent Green
05. Supplemental
06. Hellisyourface
07. Concrete
08. WSD