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Feverchild "Altering a Memory"

  • Feverchild seemed to have mastered their sound of late 90’s post-hardcore/emo on their latest and most thorough release yet, “Altering a Memory”. Following a self-titled EP and two-song single (the latter appearing on this album) in addition to their first tour, the band is at their strongest yet. “Altering a Memory” is primarily driven by melody—something the band has always incorporated, but now more attentive to. The intro track and “Eva” show the band stripping away some of the abrasiveness of their sound, and pull back to incorporate more quiet and atmospheric elements; ultimately creating a more diverse album where both the quiet and louder moments are more noticeable. “Altering a Memory” may be a stepping stone—not just for Feverchild—but perhaps for a new wave of emo to come.

    Track Listing:
    01. Intro
    02. City of Flowers
    03. Altering a Memory
    04. Coming Down
    05. See Through Wedding Gown
    06. Eva
    07. Witching Hour
    08. You Know I Can’t