Some Girls "All My Friends Are Going Death" - Deathwish Inc

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Some Girls "All My Friends Are Going Death"

Some Girls managed to turn the hardcore/punk world on its head with the release of their first two 7"EP's and live performances. This may have something to do with the band including Wes Eisold (Cold Cave, American Nightmare), Rob Moran (Unbroken), and Justin Pearson (The Locust) in their ranks. This is a collection of their previous 7"EP releases, and also includes a bonus track.Β  The CD version has had two different packaging variations. The first came with a die-cut slipcase. The second version has a black and pink color variation and does not come with a slipcase.

Track Listing:
01. All My Friends Are Going Death
02. Gonna Set My Soul On Fire
03. Now Only Memories Run On Railway Tracks
04. The Rains
05. His N' Hers
06. Up To Our hips
07. Sex And Glue
08. Red Cuts Through Black Hearts
09. Some Girls Have All The Fuck
10. Queens Without Kings
11. Blues Singer
12. Aligula
13. Pale Pink Vodka Veins
14. No Fun
15. Up To Your Hips Again
16. Untitled