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Landland Colportage


Slow Mass "Music For Ears 2"


Slow Mass is proud to present: "Music For Ears 2." This is the second release in an ongoing—and possibly never-ending—7” series from the band. Music for Ears features previously unreleased B-sides, covers, demos, soundscapes and more. Anything can be Music for Ears.

Side A features a one-off recording session at Earth Tone Studios, taking place during their first West Coast tour in January of 2019. Side B pairs the chaotic A side with a cover of Pygmy Lush’s “I’ll Wait For You.”

Sleeves screenprinted and hand-assembled at Landland in St. Paul, Minn.

Track Listing: 
01. Mal
02. I'll Wait With You (Pygmy Lush cover)