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Sunset "Destroyer"

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Sunset was born out of a necessity to protest. A forum for more than just themselves. Well over a year ago, a couple friends from Minneapolis aligned their beliefs and purpose; to start a band that needed to react to the ever-increasing threats of political and socioeconomic decline and to resist against a culture that is becoming more ignorant & complacent. With a sound in mind, they set ahead and although the search was difficult, the lineup was solidified. The debut EP is titled “Destroyer.” They are based entirely in Minneapolis and features members of Harvest and Holding on. Sunset will start playing shows soon alongside some touring next year.

Track Listing: 
01. Swallowing Knives
02. Destroyer
03. Red Eye
04. Visceral

First Pressing:
30 x Test Press
200 x Light Blue / Clear Orange Half & Half
300 x Opaque Purple