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Rot In Hell "As Pearls Before Swine"

Rot In Hell are a raw and unrelenting UK punk/hardcore band. They epitomize the "Holy Terror" Cleveland spawned sound, popularized by bands like Integrity and Ringworm.

"As Pearls Before Swine" is the first proper full length effort for Rot In Hell. From the first moments of haunting feedback in the opener "Fulminate of Mercury", it's apparent that something wicked has been unfurled. Just two minutes in, Rot In Hell sonically rip their world wide open, galloping into musical blackness. Songs like "Traitor's Gate" and "Lucius Ferre" are played with a violent ferocity. The frenzied attack subsides with the grim instrumental "Darkness Calls", acting as the eye of their storm. However the bloodbath soon kicks off again in songs like "Behavioral Resistance MMIX" and "Coyotenia". All of them leading us to a hellmouth of a closer in "Twilight Tongues".

Track Listing:
01. Fulminate of Mercury
02. Traitor’s Gate
03. Rotting Hell
04.Hallways Of The Always (Instrumental)
05. Lucius Ferre
06. Ishtar’s Descent/ Between Iron Teeth
07. Darkness Calls (Instrumental)
08. Behavioural Resistance
09. Coyotenia
10. Ars Sina Scienta Nihil Est
11. Twilight Tongues

First Press:
300 - Orange / Gold mix
700 - Beer

Second Press:
500 - Black