Better Never Than Late: "Midwest Hardcore Flyers and Ephemera 1981-198 - Deathwish Inc

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Better Never Than Late: "Midwest Hardcore Flyers and Ephemera 1981-1984"


As one of the first cities in America to have a Hardcore Punk scene, the legacy of Detroit runs deep within the genre's history. With the irreverent content of their flagship fanzine Touch & Go and the grunt of units like Negative Approach, Necros, and The Meatmen representing their decrepit town, these suburban skate punks radiated an aesthetic and sound many find captivating to this very day.

“Better Never Than Late” collects all the goods from that exciting time in the Motor City, including both the flyers advertising shows held in burnt-out warehouses to the photos from these sweat-soaked events, plus fanzines, clippings, and other assorted detritus. Do you want proof that the Midwest rules? Then look no further than “Better Never Than Late”, ya weenbags!

196 pages containing 250+ images in grimy full color, housed in an 8.5"x11", quarter-bound hardcover tome.