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War Emblem "Constant Defeat"


War Emblem are a Philly hardcore punk band featuring members of Off Minor, Kill The Man Who Questions, Saetia, xDyingx, etc. Their debut LP is a 15 song testament to music as a weapon; the soundtrack to a protest. Relying heavily on punishing blasts of of crusty hardcore, acid-tongued lyrics, and some nods to 90's punk, this record is exactly the kick in the nuts the music scene needs.

Track Listing:
01. So Far Gone
02. White Flags
03. Carcinogens
04. Lucid Dreams
05. Intent
06. Spoils Of War
07. Obsessed With Death
08. Frustration
09. Hard To Swallow
10. Friction
11. Constant Defeat
12. Nuke it From Orbit
13. Paths
14. Ready (to Bleed)
15. Flames