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New Day Rising "Memoirs of Cynicism"


New Day Rising helped to start an "emocore" explosion in the mid 90s. They created a unique sound unlike any other band of the time, which spurred many record labels to approach them for releases. Memoirs Of Cynicism, the band's only full length, sees them going beyond their original earlier 90's melodic hardcore roots to embrace a darker direction. Fueled by a growing lyrical pessimism alongside the musical rise of a more metallic delivery, the stand-out album from 1997 is a documentation of the band's growing song-writing power. Mixing a gutteral assault with elements of vocal beauty, New Day Rising showed that they would not be held down by the limitations of genre. This milestone album is finally making it's debut onto vinyl for it's 25th Anniversary!

Members also play(ed) in notable bands such as Spread the Disease, Acrid, The China White, Die In The Light, and Omen Astra. The original recording was only ever released on CD, but has been newly remastered for this 25th anniversary vinyl edition by James Plotkin at Plotkinworks, with all new artwork and layout by band-members Dave Buschemeyer and Oliver Nac.

Track Listing:
01. Hired Angel
02. Cash Core
03. Old Souls Can Be Beaten
04. Holy Martyr
05. Shithead
06. Annoying
07. Punishment
08. Predator