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Marald Van Haasteren


Marald Van Haasteren "Kvelertak: Endling" Giclee Print


Poster of the gatefold art for Kvelertak - Endling.

"When the release of the album came closer, I talked with the band of releasing the art as a high quality poster to be sold at the release shows. I made a border amplifying the themes of master/servant, leashes, entanglement, connections, co-dependency. The Kvelertak edition is sold out but now I can present the DW - variant, with different border figures, to all who missed out."


Stock: Fine Line, Coarse Watercolor, 315 GSM, 4 sizes available:

S: 6" X 12"
M: 12" X 24"
L: 18" X 36"
XL: 22" X 44"