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Wetbrain "Self Titled"


With a rap sheet of prior bands as long as a phone book - Cleveland's WETBRAIN arrives with their much belated debut lp. Musically this is tuneful speed-core to the absolute max, with call-backs to everything from The Adolescents, to (early) Huskers, to Artificial Peace, to the first Indigesti lp, all fronted by the inimitable Larry Darvocet. This is surely the party record of the year.

Track Listing:
01. Occupy This
02. Lady Die
03. They Live
04. What Are We Supposed To Worship?
05. This Never Happened
06. New Idiot
07. Slave Away
08. Party Till It's A Blur
09. Euthanize Me
10. S.S.R.I.
11. Watchin You
12. The Future Is In The Past
13. Best Damned Car On The Lot