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Bone Sickness "Theater Of Morbidity"

After years of quiet and safety on earth, the deranged freaks in Olympia, Washington's Bone Sickness re-emerged last year with a new tape of 13 gore soaked nightmare visions of Ungodly-Sick-Death-Grind titled "Theater of Morbidity". Hell Massacre Label is pleased to make this new masterpiece of terror and torment available on a proper 12โ€ LP. Expect the putrified sounds of Repulsion, Autopsy, and Terrorizer. No triggers, no quantizing, no tech shit. Real brutality, real death metal. Limited to 500 copies on green vinyl.

Track Listing:ย 
01. Thing From the Grave
02. Slaughter Shed
03. Murderous Amputee
04. The Man Who Was Death
05. Maniac At Large
06. Mutilate The Living
07. Rotten Grin
08. Vehicular Homicide
09. Human Hatred Overdose
10. M.F.C
11. Gore Creator
12. A Mute Witness to Murder
13. Bone Sickness