Arms Race "The Beast" - Deathwish Inc

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Arms Race "The Beast"


ARMS RACE follow up their "New Wave Of British Hardcore" LP with four new tracks, which see the band solidify their place as one of the strongest pillars of UK hardcore. Touring Europe and Japan since the release of the LP, these 4 new tracks are yet more proof of why the band leaves a trail of fans whenever they play. "The Beast" displays a ferocious hardcore attack with both boots firmly planted in hardcore and punk territories while looking forward to new soundscapes on which they evolve, such as the track 'Distort Britannia' that showcases a slowed down, atmospheric stomper. Part classic US hardcore, part Bristol and Stoke On Trent punk, these new tracks are a perfect continuation of what the band has created during these past 5 years.

Track Listing: 
01. Zealot 
02. 24 Hours 
03. The Beast 
04. Distort Britannia