Corrections House "Last City Zero" - Deathwish Inc

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Corrections House "Last City Zero"


"Last City Zero conjures an impossible-to-pinpoint kaleidoscopic synthesis of mechanical decomposition, atmospheric abnormalities, and poetic putrefaction. Embracing the unkind, the diseased, the forgotten, the morose, the group's lush anti-soundscrapes and shadowy verses - at once beautifully hideous, graceful and terrifying - are a direct manifestation of societal ruin and psychological decay. Corrections House systematically creates and destroys through audio disease and transcendent musical deconstruction. All things in all ways. There is nothing else." - Amazon

Track Listing: 
01. Serve Or Survive
02. Bullets And Graves
03. Party Leg And Three Fingers
04. Run Through The Night
05. Dirt Poor and Mentally Ill
06. Hallows Of The Stream
07. Last City Zero
08. Drapes Hung By Jesus