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Marald Van Haasteren


Marald Van Haasteren "16: Dreamsquasher (Cover)" Giclee Print


"The art is based on the concept of the “zombie-fungus” Cordyceps, which I have been fascinated by for quite awhile. Although all pieces for this album revolve around the themes of despair & facing the dilemma of inevitable death, I do try to show some sort of beauty.

I’ve been very vocal about how much I like 16; I’ve been following them since their Bacteria Sour days. There’s not that many bands, that make me clench my fists & want to break things: 16 sure does."


Stock: Fine Line, Coarse Watercolor, 315 GSM, 3 sizes available:

S: 12" X 12"
M: 24" X 24"
L: 36" X 36"