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Jacob Bannon


J. Bannon "Destroyer of Worlds: Lightning" Print

"Destroyer of Worlds" is my mixed media interpretation of Godzilla "The King of the Monsters" (ゴジラ, Gojira). The type on the right portion of the piece reads "I have become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds" in proper Japanese Kanji. The piece was originally created for the Holy Kaiju Art show at Holy Mountain Printing in Raleigh, NC. There were 3 originals made using a mix of ink, gouache, acrylic, and collage on mylar, later mounted to plywood.

"Lightning" is a new color way of this print for 2023, available in 4 sizes.

Stock: FineLine 315 GSM
Edition: 100, signed (each size)
Artist Proof: 10, signed