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Unsufferable "Unsufferable"

  • Formed in early 2023, Unsufferable features Robert Fish (108, Ressurection, The Judas Factor, etc.), Dave Buschemeyer (Omen Astra, New Day Rising, Spread the Disease, etc.), and Ryan McInturff (The Fault of Man, Bloodjinn, etc.). Loud, heavy, and unrelenting; Unsufferable creates a soundtrack for the collision of one’s aspiration for a free and loving world against the reality of a world seemingly determined to destroy itself and any sense of humanity and compassion that remains.

    In the spring of 2023, Unsufferable recorded a 2-song self-titled ep. Enemy of the State offers an unapologetic challenge to those who seek to mandate what a woman can and cannot do with her body. “Picking rights off, one by one, it’s easy to feel free until you’re the one.” stands as a reminder that the assault on a woman’s right to choose is but the beginning. The second song, Revisionist, makes the case that, as a society, we cannot heal or prosper until we acknowledge and learn from our blood-soaked history.

    Unsufferable recently partnered with Iodine Recordings to release their self-titled EP followed by an LP, which will be recorded over the coming months and released in 2024.

    Track Listing:
    01. Enemy of the State
    02. Revisionist