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Audio Karate "A Show Of Hands"


California’s melodic-punk outfit Audio Karate return with their first studio recordings in almost twenty years! The band reunited in early 2018 following the reissue of their two classic LPs “Space Camp” and “Lady Melody”. They later released two albums worth of previously unreleased material on “Malo” and “¡Otra!” and got back on the road for festival appearances and playing with the likes of Descendents and other punk legends. The band quickly realized that playing together was an important part of their lives, and they went into the studio to record the new song “A Show of Hands” in 2022, while also re-recording their song “A Monster in Disguise”, adding some much needed production work, making it a much more powerful song. This limited edition 7-inch EP is being presented by Iodine Recordings, which includes beautiful artwork by Jeff Caudill (Gameface) and photography from the studio and recent tour dates, and was mastered by Jack Shirley (Joyce Manor, Jeff Rosenstock). These songs showcase the power, and precision of Audio Karate’s song writing, which masterfully strikes a balance of hyper-melodic punk rock, emo, and post-hardcore.

Track Listing:
01. A Show of Hands
02. Return of a Monster in Disguise