High On Fire "Surrounded By Thieves" - Deathwish Inc

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High On Fire


High On Fire "Surrounded By Thieves"


With a heavy-hoofed gallop, the gargantuan HIGH ON FIRE bash out towering dimensions of sound on the highly-anticipated Surrounded By Thieves. Burning down the pillars of time with quadrupled intensity, HIGH ON FIRE inject tonal infectiousness as the mammoth, plaster-cracking guitar and throaty war cries of founding member Matt Pike (Sleep) interlock with elephantine bass grooves and cannon-like percussion, creating the last word in paralysis by sheer volume.

Track Listing: 
01. Eyes And Teeth 
02. Hung, Drawn And Quartered 
03. Speedwolf 
04. The Yeti 
05. Nemesis 
06. Thraft Of Caanan 
07. Surrounded By Thieves 
08. Razor Hoof