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Godcity Printed Circuit Board Business Card


European customers can order here.

Kurt Ballou / Godcity business card. This is a PCB (printed circuit board) which can be used to DIY build a high-powered distortion pedal based loosely on the Providence Stampede Kurt Ballou used during Converge’s You Fail Me and No Heroes eras. Please note, this is the PCB only. You will need to purchase additional components and assemble them to create the pedal. The build guide includes a BOM (bill of materials) and ordering information for all of the components you will require. Tools are not provided. Previous pedal building experience is not necessary, but you should have basic soldering and assembly skills as well as the necessary tools.

Please read the build guide found here to make sure this is a project suited to your skill sets and resources, as no tech support is provided with this product.

Purchase the Brutalist Jr. build kit at Smallbear Electronics.