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Colony "Faithealer"

From the ashes of an always burning Hudson Valley hardcore scene rises COLONY, a band who has made their mark in previous years, but as of late went in-active. After playing their last show, a year ago this January, they are set to make their return. The Hudson Valley quartet now has their last effort "Faithealer" released on a cassette, along with the previously unreleased "Toxicbreed Session" that they recorded on their 2012 West Coast Tour, through Glory Kid and will be limited to 200 copies. Full color j-card layout and download card included.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Eviction Notice
02. Faithealer
03. BTD
04. Syringe
05. Eviction Notice / Faithealer (Toxicbreed Live Session)
06. Dead Ends / Numb (Toxicbreed Live Session)