At the Heart of the World "Reaching Perfection, Tasting Death" - Deathwish Inc

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At the Heart of the World "Reaching Perfection, Tasting Death"


At The Heart Of The World’s new album, Reaching Perfection, Tasting Death, is the second chapter of their nihilistic manifesto, documenting their ongoing sonic metamorphosis, and further cementing them as masters of industrial metal alchemy. With this misanthropic sermon, these warrior cenobites spit words of pain into the blank faces of the complacent and self-righteous mob. Equal parts kinetic melody and crushing violence, the album explores a wide range of attitudes, from the dual title tracks’ distorted crunch and blasts of percussion, to the vicious melancholy of “A Prison.” The malcontent dirge of “Massive Wash Of Cowardice,” paints a portrait of self-loathing torment while the spiteful fury of “Dirt & Suffering” redirects that hatred out into world.

Since the release of 2018’s Rotting Forms, At The Heart Of The World have sequestered themselves in a dungeon of electronic noise and analog riffs, perfecting their sound. Now, these impious acolytes of misery are declaring total war on the oppressive banality of life, emerging to wield their newly forged aural truncheons against the vulnerable eardrums of the masses, and with the release of Reaching Perfection, Tasting Death, these raiding parties will only grow in frequency and ferocity.

Track Listing: 
01. Reaching Perfection
02. Tasting Death
03. A Prison
04. A Release
05. Drown In Duress
06. Massive Wash of Cowardice
07. Acceptance
08. Dirt & Suffering
09. Painted With A Broken Hand
10. Goddamn This Waiting
11. Needles & Blood