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Process Black "Countdown Failure"


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Process Black are a brutal sonic venture by members of Kiss it Goodbye, Ramprasad, Deadguy, No Escape, Lumbar, Bible Black Tyrant, Cascabel, COTCM, and Craft Spells. The band began in 2015 gaining attention through an incredible demo that blended noise-rock viciousness with hardcore/punk intensity. Bringing to mind the influential music the creators made in previous bands while continuing to evolve in sound and character.

“Countdown Failure” is their masterful three song EP recorded by engineers Derek Moree (drums) and Joe Boldizar (vocals). Member Aaron Edge tracked guitars and mixed the material at Alphabaphomet in Portland, OR. Brad Boatright (Converge, Nails, etc) later mastered the release at Audiosiege.

Opener “Lies > Truth” emerges from murky darkness before exploding into sonic violence. All of this aural fire is fueled by Tim Singer’s trademark vocals where he unleashes dizzying stream of consciousness anger and rage. “The Worst In Us” then shifts between multiple dimensions of down-tuned heavy, a crushing backdrop to Singer’s deep and venomous tirades. This leads to closer “Breathing Becomes Difficult” a thick and jarring emotional dirge that represents the strength of this incredible band.

Tim Singer: Throat
Brock Lowry: Percussion
Aaron D.C. Edge: Strings

Track Listing: 
01. Lies > Truth
02. The Worst In Us
03. Breathing Becomes Difficult

First Press:
300 x CMYK Tri-Color (DW Store Exclusive)
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500 x Coke Bottle / Black Split

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