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Eye For An Eye "Omega Drone / Who"

  • Boston has been at the center of Traditional Punk/Hardcore since the genre's inception in the early 1980s. Often times the modern narrative stays with the primordial (FU's, Slapshot, SSD, Gang Green, etc.) However in the late 1980s an equally influential Melodic Hardcore scene emerged with new musical sounds and introspective ideas. The band at the heart of this generational shift was Eye For An Eye.

    Eye For An Eye formed in 1988. After dozens of legendary live shows they landed on the lineup of: Jason Grotrian, Kevin Norton, Lloyd Stanley, and Thos Niles. Soon after they released the 5 song "Omega Drone" EP on Blackout! Records (Killing Time, Outburst) in 1991. Recorded at Syncro Sound in Boston (The Cars, Bad Brains, etc), "Omega Drone" introduced Eye For An Eye to the underground on a larger level. Supporting the release, the band played alongside contemporaries BURN, Quicksand, SOIA, and Shelter all throughout the United States.

    In 1992, Eye For An Eye once again entered Syncro Sound, recording the 4 song "Who" EP for the Tribe Records label. This release also marks the addition of musician/engineer Dean Baltulonis (Supertouch, Wrecking Crew, etc.) who joined the band on second guitar. "Who" is considered one of the greatest and under appreciated EPs of the time. Showing Eye For An Eye leaning more into their melodious and philosophical ideas more than ever before.

    Eye For An Eye disbanded later that year. Members went their separate ways with some playing in Shelter, 454 Big Block, Straight Faced, The Eulogy, La Gritona, Anodyne, 27, Windmills By The Ocean, and more. Others went onto be active behind-the-scenes with Grotrian excelling in graphic design work (Judge, etc.) and Baltulonis establishing himself as a respected audio engineer with his studio The Wild Arctic.

    "Omega Drone / Who" is both EPs from Eye For An Eye fully remixed and remastered by Alex Garcia-Rivera (Kingpin, American Nightmare, etc.) at Mystic Valley Studio. Presented as one LP collection, these nine songs encapsulate the moment when hardcore generationally began to evolve, influencing present and future creators alike. Changing the course of the Boston underground in soul and mind forever.

    Track Listing:
    01. Eye For An Eye (2024 Remaster)
    02. Signs Of The Pride (2024 Remaster)
    03. Eye-Tro (2024 Remaster)
    04. All Stars (2024 Remaster)
    05. Omega Drone (2024 Remaster)
    06. Who (2024 Remaster)
    07. Believe (2024 Remaster)
    08. What It Means (2024 Remaster)
    09. Soul In Mind (2024 Remaster)