Vermin Womb "Retaliation" - Deathwish Inc

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Vermin Womb "Retaliation"


The sophomore release from Denver, CO Grind trio, Vermin Womb. Produced and Engineered by Andrew Nelson of Bricktop Recording Studio

Track Listing:
01. Crumbling World Without Joy
02. Rot In Hell
03. Denvoid
04. It Takes All Types
05. Said What I Said (Grave Pissing)
06. Boiled World
07. Art Districts Without Artists
08. Not One Regular Person Has Been Unharmed & No One is Innocent
09. Real Trauma (Bomb First)
10. Ambulance
11. Gamnique (Cold World)
12. Sad Clown (My Spiritually Rotten Second Reply)