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Daisyhead "The Smallest Light"


Daisyhead is made up of Zach Chiarizzio (bass/vocals), Michael Roe (vocals/guitar), Curtis DuRard (guitar) and Chad Burroughs (drums). The bandÍs sound takes listeners back to the heyday of the 90Ís post-hardcore/alternative rock and early 2000Ís era of Revelation Records while injecting their own unique edge and style. In 2013, they released their debut EP, I CouldnÍt Face You, which helped established the band as one of their scene's most promising newcomers.

In the fall of 2013, Daisyhead joined No Sleep Records and released a split EP with Have Mercy early the following year. After touring in support of the release the band entered the studio in the fall of 2014 to record their debut full-length record, The Smallest Light.

"The Smallest Light is a record with thoughts shared by each member of the band, which makes it so much more special to me," says Roe. "We wanted to be sure our first LP was one we were all really proud of, and thatÍs exactly what it is. ItÍs a pleasure to be releasing a record alongside some of my personal all time favorite records. I can tell that this record would not nearly be the same if it wasnÍt this exact lineup. Everyone equally shared the responsibility of making it what it is, and that becomes apparent when you learn more about the meaning behind the songs."

After several years of touring and EP releases, Daisyhead has arrived with the debut fans have been waiting for. From the infectious and anthemic jams of ñTakeî to the massive sing-along hooks in tracks like ñLacking Basisî and ñI DidnÍt Deserve This,î The Smallest Light proves even further that Daisyhead will be a staple in the scene for years to come.

Track Listing: 
01. Defenselessness
02. Lacking Basis
03. Neck
04. Lead
05. The Halt
06. The Smallest Light
07. Lost Her
08. Take
09. East Bend
10. Inanity
11. I Didn't Deserve This