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Black Market Activities


Dance Club Massacre "Feast Of The Blood Monsters"

Feast of the Blood Monsters is Dance Club Massacre's debut album. It was originally self-released and picked up by Metal Blade for their Black Market Activities imprint. The 2007 reissue has been remixed, remastered and is presented with "better" artwork. The band plays a post-hardcore brand of thrash and math rock with (literally) indecipherable lyrics.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Dios Mio! el Diablo es Muy Picante
02. Meet Me in the Pub for a Shot of Dignity
03. Devon Butler's Dying Wishes
04. You Know... You Kind of Look Cute in the Dark
05. Wet Between the Thighs
06. Murders Come with Smiles
07. The Duchess and the Cougar
08. Showdown in San Antonio
09. You'll Bring the Bitches, I'll Bring the Dynamite
10. You're What the French Call 'Les Incompetents"