Cave In "Perfect Pitch Black" - Deathwish Inc

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Cave In


Cave In "Perfect Pitch Black"


Track Listing: 
01. Perfect Pitch Black 
02. The World Is in Your Way 
03. Off to Ruin 
04. Trepanning 
05. Paranormal 
06. Down the Drain 
07. Droned 
08. Ataraxia 
09. Tension in the Ranks 
10. Screaming in Your Sleep 
11. On the Prowl 
12. Believe in Doubt 
13.  Prognosis 
14. The World is in Your Way (demo) 
15. Trepanning (demo) 
16. Paranormal (demo) 
17. Tension in the Ranks (demo) 
18. Screaming in Your Sleep (demo) 
19. Believe in Doubt (demo) 
20. Prognosis (demo) 
21. Ataraxia (SB demo) 
22. Believe in Doubt (SB demo)