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Brainbombs "Singles Collection"


Domestic vinyl pressing of the CD that was released a few years ago in Europe. Includes the single that came out on tUMULt, the "Stinking Memory" 7" on Anthem, as well as the Wabana Gun Court single, the Ken Rock single and the Big Brothel single. A collection of totally killer BB tracks, "Stigma Of The Ripper", "The Grinder", "I Need Speed" and more. All in classic Brainbombs style, one killer riff punctuated by deadpan vocal delivery of their fucked up lyrics, and repeat... Also included are some rare live tracks, including "Urge To Kill" among them, recorded live in Norway way back in 1993, They sound raw, and distorted in proper style, Don't miss the hidden last track, a minute long, post performance Brainbombs sign off.

Repressed on classic black vinyl in a heavy board jacket with insert and download.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Macht
02. B.L.E.E.D.
03. Stigma Of The Ripper
04. Street Cleaner
05. The Grinder
06. Mommy Said
07. I Need Speed
08. End Up Dead
09. Stinking Memory
10. Insects
11. Stacy
12. Tired And Bloody
13. Danny Was A Streetwhore
14. Urge To Kill