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War On Illusion Magazine

In the early 1990s, the hardcore-punk scene was open to new influences and ideas as never before. Therefore, spirituality became a part of it and bands like Shelter, 108 and Prema were formed combining punk rock and Vedic philosophy.

Besides founding Equal Vision, Ray Cappo and Porcell (Schism Fanzine, Youth Of Today, Judge, Project X) also wanted to show the background of their newly found lifestyle by publishing a fanzine and talking to other musicians who were interested in Krishna Consicousness and Far Eastern tenets.

The WAR ON ILLUSION fanzine was born in which Porcell tried to explain what had motivated and inspired him and others in three issues with columns, tour reports and interviews.

For the first time, all three issues are combined in one zine with reproduced original layouts and exclusive interviews with Youth Of Today, Snapcase, Baby Gopal, Prema, 108, Downset, Sepultura & Texas Is The Reason. Additionally, there is an in-depth interview with Porcell led by Javier from "Where It Went Podcast.”