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God Complex "To Decay In A Deathless World"


From darkest Northern England, God Complex were never a band to pull any punches when it came to their particular brand of bludgeoning metallic hardcore. A sound that blurred the lines between gnarled punk, technical metal, and crushing noise. ‘To Decay in a Deathless World’, the band’s only full length and produced by Loathe guitarist Erik Bickerstaffe, is a twisted journey into metalcore’s blackened underbelly.

Despite the band calling time on their career prior to the album’s release in October of last year, a gigantic wave of support lead to one final show and a short run of vinyl. Limited to 250 worldwide, hand numbered and pressed on ecomix wax, the gloominess of the music is mirrored in tattoo artist Luke ‘Spooks’ Rogers incredibly detailed paintings and design. Though short lived, God Complex’s impact on the UK scene will continue through new projects and artistic endeavours.

Track Listing:
01. Unburdened By Conscience
02. Death Trip
03. Deeper Form Of Sleep
04. Season Of Blood
05. Forbidden Love
06. Red Chord
07. Sudden Panic
08. Dopesick
09. Gathering Dark
10. The Altar