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Wolves of Hades


Ainsoph "Ω - V"


A new entity spawned in the ever fertile Dutch Underground, Ainsoph initiates its journey into the abyss and yonder with "Ω - V", a six-track endeavor manifested through enthralling sounds, sonic leitmotifs conjuring the void which consumes humanity towards the endlessness. Mesmerizing via its wistful, kaleidoscopic atmosphere, "Ω - V" is brutally intense yet not by matter of its musical traits. Ainsoph captures a visceral aura, utterly magickal and powerfully intimate by summoning an aural vacuum on which a wide musical pallet – like the lawless nothingness – devours all strict, humane notions of stylistic borders. Indeed, "Ω - V" covers a wide of spectrum of influences, ranging from Black Metal to Post-Punk, Progressive and Jazz elements, yet its audial magick echoes throughout the organic, natural feel, with no components – however aesthetically antagonistic they may seem – feeling out of place, portraying an ensemble bigger than the sum of its parts. The clean, sort of "alien" production suits the six tomes flawlessly as the intricate, virtuous interlacing of guitar tracks evolve and mix each other in a vortex of electric discharges that escort the astonishing, ethereal female vocals, carrying the fire, blood and flesh of every sung line. From up-tempo grooves to blast-beating banishments, "Ω - V"’s rhythmic section whirls on a waltz of time changes, a pulsing beat that is ambitious in its precision yet constantly effortless in its arranging, never falling into shallow presumption.

Out through Wolves of Hades on a limited Vinyl edition, "Ω - V" is a unique experience, a record which promises to draw the listener into a pathway leading to time without end, where everything and nothing meet in ecstasy.

Track Listing:
01. Home
02. Malkuth
03. Spiral
04. Back to Purgatory
05. The Long and Self-Destructive Road
06. Less Than A Beast
07. Maggot Brain (bonus)