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May 12, 2022

This summer, Deathwish will be making its first move in 14 years! Okay, technically, we have switched floors within the building we’re in now, but this time we are moving down the street. While we’ve certainly been jam-packed in our space for years and could use the extra room, we’ve also been told that once the 100 year-old freight elevator in our current building goes, it’s not coming back. Being on the third floor and noticing the weight capacity of the elevator getting lower and lower, we decided to start looking for a new home.

We are so stoked on the new space we’ve found. We will finally have room to not only breathe, but to grow. This move is long overdue. Here comes the sales pitch: this move is not cheap and we would love to clear out the shelves a bit before the big day. The more we can sell now, the less we have to drive 1124 feet down the road. So pick something up from us if you’re able, and help us along our journey to our new home.

-Tre, Jake, Rich, Christine, Keith, Aly, Ashley, & Matt


We're opening the Deathwish Vault! Visit now to see the first batch of test presses and rarities up for auction. We're going to be releasing more items periodically to help fund our move, so keep an eye out for future drops, and help us spread the word!

If you want to support us but aren't into bidding, pick up a shirt instead! Every bit helps. 

Run to now to check out the auctions!