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January 27, 2023

END & Cult Leader “Gather & Mourn” is out today! Find a store near you.

US Indie Exclusive vinyl is limited to 1000 on red / black mix
EU Indie Exclusive vinyl is limited to 500 on clear w/ red & black splatter

What happens when two of underground music’s most undeniable and unpredictable forces of nature collide? Well, the union of END & Cult Leader resulted in the 2022 split EP, Gather & Mourn.

This four track-collection finds each of these each of luminaries firing at full blast with the kind of heavy music that simultaneously repulses as it enraptures, fusing grind, hardcore, and death metal with an ominous intensity befitting of a world on fire.

Track Listing:

  1. Eden Will Drown (END)
  2. The Host Will Soon Decay (END)
  3. Ataraxis (Cult Leader)
  4. Long Shadows (Cult Leader)