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  1. Dialogues Episode 008: Sean Martin Jacob Bannon speaks with Sean Martin (Wear Your Wounds, Twitching Tongues, Hatebreed) about guitars, all his past and present musical projects, beekeeping and much more. Subscribe to Show Notes: Wear Your Wounds Twitching Tongues Sleepless Battles Brass City Tattoo The Martin Hives Follow: J. Bannon - Instagram / Facebook Sean Martin - Instagram / Facebook / Twitter Opening Theme by Mike McKenzie
  2. Dialogues Episode 006: Thomas Hooper J. Bannon speaks with artist Thomas Hooper about his life growing up, intro to art, the impact of music on his career and much more. Subscribe to Show Notes: Thomas Hooper Official Store Hoopers Electric Full Bleed at Roadburn Festival Follow: J. Bannon - Instagram / Facebook Thomas Hooper - Instagram Opening Theme by Mike McKenzie
  3. Wear Your Wounds Recording New Album, Due out in 2019 Wear Your Wounds is recording a new album due out in 2019 on Deathwish Inc. with engineer Kurt Ballou at God City Studios. This recording marks the first time the live lineup of the band; Jacob Bannon (Converge), Mike McKenzie (The Red Chord, Stomach Earth, Unraveller, etc), Adam McGrath (Cave In, Nomad Stones, etc), Sean Martin (Twitching Tongues, ex-Hatebreed, ex-Kid Cudi), and Chris Maggio (ex-Trap Them, ex-Sleigh Bells, etc) have properly written and recorded material together. Creative c...
  4. Dialogues Episode 004: Gavin Van Vlack J. Bannon talks with Gavin Van Vlack (Burn, Die 116, Absolution) about his intro to punk music, time in Die 116, Burn’s new album and much more. Subscribe to Show Notes:β€’ Burn European Tour w/ Gustβ€’ Burn β€œDo or Die” in stores nowβ€’ Listen to Die 116 on Spotify & Apple Musicβ€’ Listen to Absolution on Spotify & Apple Music Follow:Gavin Van Vlack - InstagramBurn - Instagram / Facebook / TwitterJ. Bannon - Instagram / Facebook Opening Theme by Mike McKenzie
  5. Death Talk Episode 063 Available To Listen & Download We talk Burn, Converge, Roadburn Festival, Super Unison and much more! Got a question or comment? Use the hashtag β€œ#askdeathtalk” on Twitter, email us or call the Death Talk Hotline: 754-703-8255. How to Listen:Search "Deathwish Inc." in your preferred Podcast App. Subscribe on iTunesSubscribe on OvercastSubscribe on Google PlayListen on YouTubeListen on SoundCloud Music in this episode from: Converge β€œThe Dusk In Us” Doomriders β€œGrand Blood” Show Notes:...