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Young Men "Songs Of Praise"

"Songs of Praise" is the debut release for Young Men, a Chicago based post-punk duo celebrating a cyclical buzz and the reality of evolution. Conceptually birthed over a mutual love for all things Higgs, "Songs of Praise" was written and recorded as a nod to the minimalistic approach to creating something new. Delivering 10 songs that are both abstract and straight forward, Young Men are exploring repetition and melody as constant fixtures in life and music. Restless, incisive, manic and in an historical sense, romantic.

Release limited to 100 copies on cassette.

Track Listing: 
01. Communique No. 1
02. Beware You Are
03. Flesh and Blood
04. Elephant & the Dove
05. The Arduous March
06. Cult of Children
07. White Roses
08. Metonymic
09. Songs of Praise
10. Thieves in Law