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Paul Romano "In the Mourning You'll Recall" Giclee Print

Paul Romano is a fine artist and designer working and living in Philadelphia. Romano’s work spans many mediums and aesthetics, nodding to art history and imbued with abstract narrative. He has worked with many aggressive bands across multiple albums, including Mastodon, dälek, Hate Eternal, The Red Chord, and Withered to name a few.

" In the Mourning You’ll Recall"
2020, Acrylic and Oil on panel, 12"x12"

This painting was made last February before 2020 really spread its wings and took flight. The year had started off rougher on a personal level for myself with the passing of my Father and taking my Mom through cancer treatments. Then 2020 showed us all what it had up its sleeve. Whew. 

As many of us do, I process emotions through listening to music and making art. The impetus for this work was The Austerity Program’s Song 25. In particular the lyrics “...So lay your head down, until the sun is rising and in the morning you’ll recall that there is only sorrow.” This was how I felt last February and then the year just kept bouncing that ball as hard as it could. 

I forever remain optimistic despite the adversities life doles out but find it cathartic to make a something that can proxy as a memoriam."

Available as a museum quality Giclee Print in three sizes.