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Paul Romano "I Will Hold You Until Better Times" Giclee Print

Paul Romano is a fine artist and designer working and living in Philadelphia. Romano’s work spans many mediums and aesthetics, nodding to art history and imbued with abstract narrative. He has worked with many aggressive bands across multiple albums, including Mastodon, dälek, Hate Eternal, The Red Chord, and Withered to name a few.

"I Will Hold You Until Better Times"
Oil on canvas, 40" X 60"

"This painting came out of a pen and ink drawing from 2016. The idea was of a protection spell that felt much needed personally at the time. While my work begins with my own experiences, I try to find the relation to more universal ideas. This piece was meant for anyone/everyone needing a sheltering warmth, filled with strength and beauty, at some point in their lifetime. The original was drawn just about the time Trump was elected to office. My works are never that singular in intention. However, I am glad I made it at this particular time of chaos."

Available as a museum quality Giclee Print in three sizes.