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Paul Romano "Final Spring" Giclee Print

Paul Romano is a fine artist and designer working and living in Philadelphia. Romano’s work spans many mediums and aesthetics, nodding to art history and imbued with abstract narrative. He has worked with many aggressive bands across multiple albums, including Mastodon, dälek, Hate Eternal, The Red Chord, and Withered to name a few.

"Final Spring"
2014, Oil on canvas, 18" X 18"

"This painting came about at a time in my life where most everything was being turned on end. I felt an incredible emptiness as I had to rapidly adapt; leave the comforts of the hive. It was a time to begin understanding collapse and my own choices that led to such. It was also a time to blossom against the ruin, realizing that “final” is only momentary and there is another beginning soon thereafter."

Available as a museum quality Giclee Print in three sizes.