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Spectre Shores "Songs About Starting Over"


Spectre Shores is an emo/punk band from Worcester, MA.

"Worcester band Spectre Shores new album, "Songs About Starting Over," is „ appropriately enough „ a refreshing blast of low-fi indie rock. On the whole, it's a meditative little album, with short songs that are at turns tranquil and vibrant, punctuated by bursts of bright rock energy." _ Victor Infante, Worcester Telegram and Gazette

Track Listing: 
01. Starting Over
02. Winter Mornings
03. What? Friend Listen To Endless Love In The Dark
04. Cross It Off The Fuck-It List
05. Queen Song
06. Events and Reflections Pertaining To Laying Under Trees
07. Cut Your Hair
08. Retired Hotties
09. "Dude...Weed Is Fuckin' Tight."
10. Your Life Is Filmed In Front Of A Live Studio Audience